For Schools

Let HP manage your BYOD roll-out!

Intel + Window 10

Is it built for school?

BYOD Policy

HP will work with you to establish your schools BYOD policy. This policy will importantly set the direction and foundation around BYOD requirements including Applications, Mobility, Hardare and IT support.

Learning Devices

HP offers a broad range of education ready notebooks and tablets (wireless AC & 7+hours battery life). In addition, HP accessories will enhance learing outcomes, while HP warranties will offer parents piece of mind.

Online BYOD Store

HP will build and manage an online store from which parents can purchase school approved BYOD devices, accessories and warranties.

Call Centre

HP provides a call centre to answer questions and help parents choose the right device for their children. Our all centre hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm. Call- 132347

Free Shipping

All BYOD orders are managed end-to-end by HP- including FREE delivery to a student’s home or school.

Why choose HP?

HP has a proven track record in partnering with schools roll-out BYOD programs

HP is one of the most recognised and trusted brands globally

HP has a broad range of noteoooks and tablets to facilitate meaningful educations otcomes for students

HP offers flexible and convenient ordering (online or call call centre) and payment methods


Student BYOD key dates

July – October 2016 Define product selection, build customised BYOD portal, parent information nights etc

October 1st 2016 Your schools BYOD online store opens

December 1st 2016 Last day of ordering to ensure laptops are delivered prior to Christmas

December 15th 2016 Last day for ordering to ensure laptops are delivered by mid January

January 10th 2017 Last day for ordering to ensure products arrive before the start of the school year

January 25th 2017 Term 1 Begins (varies depending on state)